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For five years, Power Factor has been the go-to contractor for difficult and complex solar projects.

Use the power of the sun to eliminate your mounting power bills. There is plenty of solar power available for your home and business in the Alexandria area. Power Factor, a quality solar company in Alexandria can help you harness the power of the sun and put it to good use by installing a solar power system to help you start saving. Let Power Factor come in and asses the amount of sunlight your roof gets. Depending on the position of your roof, Power Factor will create a solar power system plan to fit the exact measurements and layout of your roof. A team of electricians and installers will help maximize the power of the sun and custom design a solar panel to suit your house needs. Then, they will submit this plan to you for approval.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals With A Solar Power System

A well-known fact is that electricity produced by a solar power system is less expensive than the electricity you buy from your utility company. With the rising cost of utilities and a considerable decrease in the buying and installing of solar panels, a solar power system is a sustainable and cost-effective option for home owners and business owners in Alexandria. If you are looking to switch to solar, Power Factor, a complete solar company in Alexandria can help you. Installing a solar power system might seem like a tremendously significant investment initially, but it will provide multiple advantages in the long run.


Unrivaled Solar Panel Installations in Alexandria

Power Factor is a full-service solar company operating in Alexandria. We cater to and provide specialized solar power systems and solar panels to meet the unique needs and demands of all our clients in Alexandria. The team at Power Factor has helped countless home and business owners in Alexandria with solar panel installations. You should always seek out a solar company that is NABCEP certified like  Power Factor. It is not only crucial for installation purposes but for safety as well as performance in your Alexandria home or business. Whether your need for a solar power system is for your home or business, employing a local Alexandria solar panel electrician expert will ensure satisfaction and help with a prompt maintenance service.

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Providing Our Clients With Quality Solar Panels

Solar panels convert solar energy to electricity through photovoltaic cells. Solar panels that are properly installed by a certified electrician can withstand and produce power in all types of weather. Solar panels can be built and modified to any size depending on your roof measurements. Be sure to get an evaluation before you proceed with a solar panel installation.

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Power Factor is a solar and electrical company with an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau that serves the Alexandria area and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your solar power system or electrical service needs.