Commercial Solar Power Panel Systems: Solar Panel Installation, Replacement, Repair & More in Baltimore, MD

At Power Factor we are motivated to bring state of the art, reliable solar panels to each of our Baltimore clients on an individual, customized basis. Power Factor wants to offer our commercial solar panel expertise in order to ensure that you receive the best service, design and value options for your Baltimore property's solar power system.


Solid Baltimore Solar Panels Will Last Decades

Properly installed solar power systems yield optimal energy savings for their owners. So if you're searching for world-class commercial solar panel installation services, reach out to the solar power system experts at Baltimore's Power Factor. Our solar professionals will ensure your commercial solar array functions optimally and will last for years to come. Solar power is the ideal way of creating renewable energy using one of Earth's most bountiful resources, the sun. If harnessing solar energy is a goal of yours, contact Power Factor of Baltimore and book a consultation with our specialists to talk about your solar energy-related goals and expectations.


Commercial Solar Panels Leading Solar Growth in Baltimore

Commercial Solar, at face value, is an incredibly large investment. But regardless of the initial costs, it's an investment that will yield huge savings. It's estimated that the average commercial space can save approximately $8,000+ after 20 years of use. Depending on the size of your commercial space, the savings could add up far sooner than you may believe.

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Commercial Solar Company Keeping Baltimore Safe

Having a solar energy system installed at your property can create a safety hazard. The large generators necessary to power a commercial property could potentially put customers and employees at risk. In order to prevent any hazardous accidents, it's critical to hire a Baltimore commercial solar company that's certified in safety procedures to address your solar-related needs. That's why Power Factor has OSHA certified personnel who exceed standards and train Baltimore property owners on optimal safety procedures. Leave your energy efficiency goals in our capable hands.


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Power Factor is a commercial solar company serving locals in Baltimore. As an A-plus rated Better Business Bureau company, we can provide expert service for your solar needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next solar energy project!