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Residential Generator Services: Home Generator Repair, Installation & More Baltimore, MD

In the event of the utility grid failing, a generator is a valuable addition to have at your home in Baltimore or the surrounding area. When you hire Power Factor for home generator installation, you get the assistance of an experienced electrical team that will equip you with the ability to have backup power in a blackout. Our generator service team can also fix units in Baltimore that are cracked or leaking because as a full-service company, we also handle plumbing problems during home generator repairs.

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Full-Service Home Generator Installation

Most generator service companies in Baltimore will only do the electrical part, leaving the property owner to have to hire again for the gas lines to be put in. We know that when you hire someone to do home generator installation, you want the entire thing hooked up so your home can be ready in case of emergency, which is why Power Factor does it all. When installing a unit or doing home generator repairs, we don’t do part of the work, we do it all, from electrical and plumbing to zoning and permitting, so that we are the only team you need in Baltimore.

Experts for Generator Repairs in Baltimore

Generators are supposed to be the thing you can rely on when there is an electrical failure in Baltimore. But if the one that powers your property is not in good condition, it’s not going to do any good when the time comes that its needed. Putting off generator repairs means that when trying to use it during a blackout, your Baltimore residence may be left in the dark. To be prepared, check on the appliance often and call the professionals at Power Factor at the first sign of needing home generator repair service.

Generator Service Plans for Baltimore Homes

It is always easier to stay on top of something that to let it get out of hand and later exasperate into an emergency that is a much larger problem. The same is true for appliances, which is why we offer routine generator maintenance as a preventative measure to avoid issues later on. As part of this service plan, Power Factor’s maintenance team comes out to your Baltimore home to checks all components and see if any generator repairs are needed so you don’t wait to find out once you really need the generator.

Residential Generators Available in Baltimore

Power Factor is an electrical company that has been serving the Baltimore area and beyond since 2013. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, where we can provide you with more information on all the services we provide regarding residential generators.

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