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Residential Solar Panel Systems: Installation, Removal, Repair & Other Home Solar Panel Services in Baltimore, MD

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There are more than one million solar installations across the country, a number that increases by the day as more homeowners elect to utilize this sustainable resource to power their homes and reduce their energy bills.

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Solar power systems provide a constant, consistent energy source that will reduce your energy bill and add extensive value to your home. Our Baltimore team is highly knowledgeable about all of the specifics that come along with setting up residential solar panels and how these solar systems can improve your home.

Renewable Energy Baltimore Residents Can Count On

At Power Factor of Baltimore, we’re committed to bringing you the most efficient and effective energy from the most powerful source of energy on earth—the sun. Solar energy is Baltimore’s fastest growing and most readily available, renewable power resource. Home solar panels can be added onto your existing energy provider, or we can revamp your system to rely solely on renewable solar energy that will consistently fuel your residence, rain or shine. Contact Power Factor’s team of professionals in Baltimore to discuss how solar panels for the home can benefit you.

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Consistent Energy Sources Delivered from the Sun by Power Factor

Solar panels for Baltimore homes are composed of cells that absorb sunlight that convert sunlight into electrical energy through a process called a photovoltaic (PV) effect. The solar panels are part of a solar array connected to your home using a solar inverter. Once this is installed, you will receive all the electricity you need to fuel your home with a consistent power source regardless of any seasonal weather Baltimore experiences. The team at Power Factor in Baltimore is readily available to explain how residential solar panels will operate in your home.

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We have a team of state-certified master electricians who have the knowledge and expertise needed to complete your job correctly and within your desired timeframe.


At Power Factor, we never want the Baltimore area to be left in the dark, which is why we are in the generator service business.

Financial Rewards for all Baltimore Homeowners

Homeowners who elect to produce their own energy using residential solar panels will experience immediate benefits of relying on their own energy source. Every dollar you save off your previous electric bills directly translates to thousands of dollars in increased property value. Power Factor is a leader in the latest developments related to Baltimore’s largest growing energy resource and the financial gains property owners will experience through home solar panel installation.

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Unlike several other companies, Power Factor WILL NOT charge you any hidden fees.

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Our technicians are experienced, industry certified and people we would trust working inside our own homes.

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Power Factor is a residential and commercial solar company serving Baltimore. We’re an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company, and we can provide expert service for your solar needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next solar energy project!

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