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Residential Solar Panel Installation & Design in Baltimore, MD

Residential solar installation is on the rise in Baltimore and across the country. Although this renewable energy source is continuing to gain popularity, the requirements are strict, so there is a fine line between functional design and installation versus exemplary design and installation. Power Factor can design a system around your needs and install your residential solar panels in a manner that will exceed your expectations.

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Expert Design for Solar Panels in Baltimore

Residential solar panels in Baltimore are made of an array of pure silicone cells enclosed in a glass frame. As sunlight penetrates the frame, energy is conducted through the silicone and converted into electrical power for your home. Proper design and placement are essential to allowing the panels to absorb most light and stay exposed to the proper amount of sunlight for the required duration of time every day. Baltimore’s Power Factor team understands the intricacies of effective residential solar panels and are readily available to speak with you about how solar panel installation can benefit you.

Solar Installation by a Trusted Baltimore Company

Solar panel installation is much like any other professionally executed home improvement project in Baltimore. It requires a dedicated team of experts you can trust to do the job effectively in an agreed upon amount of time. We have been a leader in the Baltimore solar industry since 2013 and continue to provide the customer care and quality service standards we developed when we began. Our carefully selected technicians are personable, dependable and committed to working tirelessly to meet project schedules no matter what challenges arise. Contact our Baltimore team to discuss how we can meet your solar panel installation needs.

Residential Solar Installation for Baltimore Homeowners

Our unparalleled knowledge in the field of residential solar installation makes us the number one choice for all of your solar needs. As professional solar integrators, we figure out the best way to introduce solar energy production into your life. Our thorough consultation, design and installation processes are unrivaled, allowing you to feel at ease and confident that we are the best choice for your solar panel installation project. Our Baltimore team is highly specialized in how to design an array that will work best for your specific home design.

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Power Factor is a residential and commercial solar company serving Baltimore. We’re an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company, and we can provide expert service for your solar needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next solar energy project!

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