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Utility-Scale Solar: Solar Energy Installation & Design in Baltimore, MD

Proper solar design can be a huge undertaking on systems in place today. The requirements are strict, so sometimes there’s a fine line between functional design and great design. Power Factor can design a system around your needs. Our skilled contractors’ solar installations outperform the industry standard, as we are a solar integrator, opening your home or business to complete solar energy. Thomas Edison once said that he would put his money on solar energy and hoped that society wouldn’t wait until oil coal ran before tackling that powerful energy source. Contact Power Factor in Baltimore to learn more about solar energy and benefits today!

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Powerful Solar Energy Harnessed in Baltimore

The amount of solar energy that hits the earth in one hour is enough to provide the energy needs of the earth's entire population for a full year. Solar panels work by the allowance of light in solar cells, the more light that hits a panel, the more energy it will generate. It’s important to keep the solar panels on your Baltimore property clean and free of dirt and debris. Don’t use chemicals to clean your solar panels, just use water and a soft rag. Your solar panels should continue to work for you, supplying clean, efficient energy to your Baltimore home or business.

Solar Farm Installations by Baltimore Team

A solar panel is comprised of group silicon cells, which in turn gather energy from the sunlight. In a solar farm arrangement, multiple panels, such as arrayed at a solar farm, generate energy. There are two types of solar farms, photovoltaic and thermal. If you’re interested in a solar farm installation on your Baltimore property, grants and loans are available. For larger solar installations, you can contact us here at Power Factor. An investment in solar energy now can save you a lot in the future.

Utility-Scale Solar Projects for Baltimore

For large utility-scale solar farm installation projects, look no further than Power Factor in Baltimore. We are professionals in the solar energy industry and have extensive knowledge regarding utility-scale projects. Utility-scale solar is electricity generated through a solar farm to large power areas, such as commercial facilities. If you call us for solar farm installation projects in Baltimore, you can be assured that world-class solar contractors are working for you and your business.

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Power Factor is a commercial solar company serving Baltimore. We’re an A-plus rated the Better Business Bureau company, and we can provide expert service for your solar needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next solar energy project!

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