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Utility-Scale Solar: Solar Panel Removal & Replacement in Baltimore, MD

Power Factor has been a staple in the Baltimore community since 2013. We have executed the design, procurement, delivery, and construction of more than 4,000 installations, a lofty feat not many small solar companies in Baltimore have achieved. Because of our drive and dedication, we’ve acquired an extensive body of knowledge and apply that to every aspect of what we do, including evaluating the condition of your current solar energy system. Often, those systems are outdated and in need of immediate upgrades. That’s where we step in and guide you through the entire process from initial inspection to project completion.

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Baltimore Community Focused, Globally Minded

Power Factor in Baltimore is a family-owned business, so we are community minded. We have deep roots in our neighborhood but we have also worked in remote spots all over the world. We drove our trucks from Baltimore down to Texas in 2017 immediately after the floods to see how we could help. Our skilled utility-scale solar technicians work in tandem with the best roofing companies in the Baltimore area to make sure you receive top-notch service in all aspects of the solar panel removal and solar panel replacement process. We also welcome the opportunity to partner with your existing roofing contractors to ensure that your Baltimore property receives the highest quality from companies you can trust.

Cutting Edge Utility-Scale Solar for Every Baltimore Property

Solar energy is one of the largest growth opportunities of this century, so developments happen frequently and rapidly. Because solar technology continues to improve, components of your existing system can become outdated and may stop working as well as they initially did, making solar panel removal and replacement a necessity. Baltimore’s Power Factor team stays up-to-date on all the latest technology and how it can best benefit you.

Power Factor Generates Energy and Savings

As the solar energy field continues to grow and change, more effective and efficient parts become available. We want you to have nothing but the best options with the greatest ability to convert solar power into the energy your property needs to run. Power Factor’s team of specialists in Baltimore is ready to assist you in removal and replacement of all the outdated components that may hinder the overall structure’s conversion ability, so you can once again enjoy a system that generates and stores more energy.

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Power Factor is a commercial and utility-scale solar company serving Baltimore. We’re an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company, and we can provide expert service for your solar needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next solar energy project!

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