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Utility-Scale Solar: Solar Energy System Service & Repair in Baltimore, MD

Founded in 2013, Power Factor of Baltimore is a team of professionals who recognize the future of utility-scale solar energy systems, by providing installation, maintenance, and repair solar services. These power systems play a vital role in the modern world. They create jobs for the Baltimore community and supply it with dependable, renewable energy to consistently power both residential and commercial properties. That’s why we provide nothing but top-notch solar services to the Baltimore area, including rapid repair of any solar project, from minimal to complex.

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Exemplary Solar Repair Services for Baltimore Properties

With more than 50 full-time employees, Power Factor of Baltimore has the ability to provide expert repair services for renewable projects ranging from 1kw to 100MW. We take pride in the fact that we hire the best technicians in Baltimore and equip them with the resources and tools they need to identify and fix any issue, whether your system’s productivity is down or the entire apparatus isn’t working at all.

Specialized Care for Utility-Scale Solar Repair

Although utility-scale solar energy systems we install in Baltimore are robust structures, they do require some occasional repairs that can only be properly completed by a licensed and skilled professional. We specialize in on-site and remote solar array inspections, maintenance and repair for the Baltimore area. Often, the services you need to get you back up and generating the power necessary are only minor setting adjustments. However, we are also well-versed in the larger challenges utility-scale solar systems can experience. No matter what repair you may need, we respond quickly and develop action plans tailored to each job because we know the Baltimore community is depending on us and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Quality Workmanship, Lasting Results

Utility-scale solar systems have large-scale benefits, supplying energy to the greater Baltimore community. We understand how important our job is and that’s why we take great care in all aspects of our work. We do what it takes to make sure if problems do arise, we remedy them with a thoughtful approach that will yield lasting results. We stand behind our workmanship because we believe its the key to building lasting relationships with our customers.

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