November 2009

Oil and coal are amazing. They are the fuels of the modern world. I love the creature comforts we have today. Science and technology have improved life no-end. These are the issues we face. We want everything we have now and more, but the engine of these modern marvels is finite. All of us today should ‘leave this mortal coil’ before the feasibility of extracting enough fossil fuels becomes impossible.

Our kids won’t and if we are not careful we will see the impact of this conumdrum in our lifetimes. When something is in high demand and limited supply we all know what happens, prices go up. When the availability of a commodity becomes so short that price cannot increase its availability and its supply is critical, people will do whatever it takes to get it. I do not want to see policy that leads us to determine if we can ‘take’ the necessary commodity, regardless of its location. It will not be like today or the last 8yrs it will worse, more protracted, more expense and many, many more lives lost.

This to me is the single most important thing in the world. We must have resources soon to off-set the lack of production from traditional energy sources, fossil fuel. While all the rhetoric about solar right now is correct, it is expensive in relation to coal, it takes an unknown storage source to utilize the energy 24hrs a day, we must invest heavily to remove these issues.

Never in human history have we not been able to overcome a challenge and use our ingenuity to create new and better ways to do things. That time has come, that time is now. It is incredibly exciting to think we are witnessing the birth of a whole new paradigm in energy production.