Smart Business is leading solar growth

Capital preservation, fixed cost reductions and sustainable initiatives drive success

We like solar because it makes sense, power from the single source of all energy on earth, the sun.  We like solar because it can make business sense, energy cost reductions, increased bottom line, responsible messaging to your clients.  We like solar because it is one of the largest growth industry opportunities of the 21st century.  We can help you build the ideal project, ask us how.  Power Factor has what it takes to deliver a project that looks great, bankable and electrically sound.

Solid State solar panels will last decades

Properly installed systems are maintenance free for years

 We also offer financial tools to make the project happen. All of our  projects  go through a thorough commissioning process and we use PM web based tools to verify every step of the way..

If you are an E.P.C, Developer, utility or business owner and need a strong installation firm we can cleanly execute on the project and meet your deadline.


industry leaders since it’s inception

We install Solar PV systems so affordable they make the lease option an obsolete solar economic model.

We stand by our work with the industry’s longest solar warranty on the market.