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For five years, Power Factor has been the go-to contractor for difficult and complex solar projects.

Power Factor prides itself on being a business that Towson property owners can turn to with any problem related to power, because they know our staff of electrical contractors has comprehensive knowledge. Our master electricians have knowledge and experience on all things related to the power grid and backup generators, and are also are trained on how to design, install and repair solar power systems at places where property owners want to run off of energy generated by solar panels. We are here to help in Towson whether you need something done at a residence or require services for a large utility-scale project.

Services We Provide for Solar Power Systems

A large part of our work is being a quality solar company in the Towson area. We offer an entire array of services for solar panel setups, from installation to repairs and maintenance plans. Our staff of solar technicians can equip you with a solar power system that will help you offset your utility bills while simultaneously allowing you to save the environment. We also help ensure it continues to operate in optimal condition through a regular maintenance regimen of cleaning, testing, and adjusting solar panels at Towson properties.


Helping Towson Residents with Their Electrical Needs

While 150 years ago electricity did not even exist, in today's modern times we tend to take it for granted and think of it as some sort of automatic convenience. However, the power that illuminates rooms and turns on televisions in Towson runs off of systems that can fail, and when they do, you need the help of an electrician. Power Factor's electricians can be of assistance when you experience any kind of electrical failure, because we have a significant amount of experience dealing with power grids and generators. Our Towson staff will make sure you are not left in the dark or without power when you need it.

The Story of How Our Solar Company Began

After a 20-year career working in electrical and solar, master electrician and patent designer George Lang IV started Power Factor in 2013. He began the business with the goal of becoming the go-to contracting company for complex solar projects and other energy needs. We have since grown to fulfill that potential, providing solutions to clients at over 4,000 installation projects in 18 states. Our solar and electrical services have helped keep the lights on at many homes, businesses, and centers in Towson and beyond.

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Unlike several other companies, Power Factor WILL NOT charge you any hidden fees.


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with any electrical problems that may arise.


Our technicians are experienced, industry certified and people we would trust working inside our own homes.


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Power Factor is an electrical and solar company that has been serving the Towson area and beyond since 2013. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, where we can provide you with more information on all the services we provide.