Turning a new page 5/27/18

Walmart in Columbia goes solar, this was my last project with Solbright and C2 a NY investment firm. 4/2/18.

Fred Krupp, US CEO of the Environmental Defense Fund said in 2006, “Without corporate partnerships, changing our world to a sustainable future won’t happen.”

I heard his message, and have taken it a step further, fossil fuel isn’t bad its amazing but finite.  Big business is a logical expansion of 20th century economic models.  We need everyone to assume solar is the bedrock of our next energy revolution.  Imagine if we took the engineering power of oil and gas and the buying power of Walmart and Duke Energy to move to a sustainable future.  Not a green future, not a Quaker future but one where businesses make investments in energy sources that will last 1000’s of years not decades.  I had the privilege to work on 13 Walmart’s for my previous company, this was the pinnacle of success for me.  We set the plateau and now with Power Factor I expect to raise the bar again with more solar, cheaper solar, better solar and some form of business energy storage using lithium Ion, Lithium titanate, Zinc Iron or salt based batteries.  The latter two are superior chemistry and durability but Li Ion is well funded and backed by multinationals.

Interestingly, I have had blogs since 2006 but they are scattered to the winds across multiple websites, yahoo, google blogger, and this wordpress that I could not access for the longest time.

Ironically I paid for this permit out of my own pocket and still haven’t been reimbursed.