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Commercial Solar Panel Removal & Replacement in Washington, DC

The removal or replacement of solar panels on your Washington, D.C. commercial building is a delicate and complex process for several reasons. The primary commercial solar installation goal at Power Factor of Washington, D.C. is proper and professional installation, however we also understand that this process shouldn’t totally disrupt those working in or operating out of the building. Because of this we arrange our schedule around yours, and we work hard to maintain our high installation standards, meet your needs and limit disturbance in your Washington, D.C. workplace.

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Commercial Solar Panel Removal Washington, D.C.

Your commercial Washington, D.C. building could require solar panel removal if your current panels have suffered significant damage due to hail, fire or other natural disasters, or if there are impending construction plans and the panels need to be temporarily removed. Commercial solar panel removal in Washington, D.C. is an intricate process requiring professional experience and equipment. After assessing the extent of damage your panels have sustained, our solar panel removal team will go in and begin the removal process. This requires our Washington, D.C.-based commercial solar installation experts to disconnect any cables and wires that connect the individual panels to the grid, removing the damaged panel from its mounting, and safely transporting it to the ground for relocation.

Commercial Solar Panel Replacement Professionals Serving Washington, D.C.

Solar panel replacement can be necessary if you have damaged commercial solar panels that are no longer functioning efficiently, or if you have outdated panels and simply want to update your panel technology to take full advantage of your solar energy panels. Solar panel technology is constantly evolving, and newer, more efficient models are becoming available each year. Whether your panels are damaged and need replacing, or you’re interested in replacing your current solar panels with newer models to optimize your energy savings, Power Factor’s Washington, D.C.-based professionals are available to help!

Do Your Washington, D.C. Business Need Removal or Replacement?

Power Factor’s trained solar panel replacement team will be happy to evaluate your current commercial solar panels and, depending on the state the panels, mountings and structure are in, recommend either permanent removal or replacement. Most broken and cracked panels can be repaired by our commercial solar installation experts, but if the break is large enough, replacement of that specific panel will most likely be the best option in terms of panel longevity and efficiency. Our Washington, D.C. electricity and roofing professionals are ready to take on your commercial business’ removal or replacement project!

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