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Commercial Solar Panel Service & Repair in Washington, DC

If some of your commercial solar panels are damaged but not beyond repair, our Washington, D.C.-based Power Factor professionals can come in and, using the applicable method, fix your solar panels and ensure they’re functioning efficiently. Breaks and cracks in panel glass are some of the most common damages our solar service experts repair, which can be caused by hail, tree branches, or any other debris or elements that fall onto your Washington, D.C. roof due to natural weather patterns. We are also equipped to fix larger breaks on the off chance that a rogue rock or golf ball makes its way on to your Washington, D.C. roof and breaks through a panel.

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What Kind of Repairs Do the Panels on your Washington, D.C. Business Need?

There are several different repair methods that exist, and Power Factor’s electricians are professionally trained in each of them. Our solar panel repair team can assess the damage and immediately know the best repair method for the specific panels on your Washington, D.C. business. Common solar panel repairs are done on small cracks or breaks in the panel glass, and sealing or fixing panels suffering from a loose connection. Cracks, breaks and the like can usually be fixed with an amount of epoxy or sealant, or if the break is large enough, by simply replacing that panel’s protective cover. Repairing a loose connection is slightly more complex, as it will require our commercial solar panel repairmen to look at the wiring and cables that connect individual panels to the grid.

Repairing Hail, Water or Fire Damaged Panels Around Washington, D.C.

Natural damages can occur to your commercial solar panels after large storms or inclement weather patterns. Heavy snowfall, hail, wind-blown debris and water damage are all common problems solar panels face in the cold Washington, D.C. winters. In rare cases, solar panel repairs will need to be done after the fire damage has occurred. Any of these damages can range from small cracks and breaks to larger, much more extensive damages, but either way our solar service experts at Power Factor of Washington, D.C. have you covered!

Solar Panel Service Washington, D.C.

A great way to avoid major repairs on your commercial solar panels is to have Power Factor’s Washington, D.C.-based professionals perform routine inspections and small repairs. Our standard solar service includes the removal of dirt, snow or other elements from your solar panels. Keeping up with regular maintenance like this on your solar panels will keep them working efficiently and smoothly for much longer than if they are left to weather Washington, D.C.’s elements for extended periods of time.

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