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Residential Solar Panel Systems: Installation, Removal, Repair & More Home Solar Panel Services in Washington, DC

Power your home with the most energy and cost-efficient natural source of renewable energy: solar power! Our Washington, D.C. residential solar installation experts have fitted hundreds of homes area with quality-tested, non-polluting, energy efficient solar panels that have the capacity to save you a significant amount of money on annual electrical costs and increase your home’s market value. As the cost of generating solar energy continues to drop, hundreds of Washington, D.C. homeowners are starting to switch the solar power, the clean, environmentally friendly energy option.

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Home Solar Panels in Washington, D.C.

Power Factor’s professionals are trained to handle your home solar panel installation from the assessment and design stage to the installation process. Before the installation of your residential solar panels, our highly trained Washington, D.C.-based team will need to examine your roof to determine how much sunlight it receives as well as what parts get the most of it; this will directly affect the design plan that we come up with and let us optimize the placement of your panels so that they will get the most possible sunlight throughout the day.

Advantages to Residential Solar

Your capacity to benefit from solar panels for homes will be determined during Power Factor’s initial assessment. Many factors can make a home a good candidate for solar panels, but the exact money savings you will see after installation will rely on several variables: how much electricity your home consumes, the number of panels on your roof, the number of hours of direct sunlight they receive during the day, and the specifications of your roof. After the initial installment fee, the only future costs for your Washington, D.C. system will be for maintenance or damage repair as solar energy is abundant and completely free to use. Solar energy is also clean, renewable, and non-polluting; by using solar panels, you can help save the environment while saving money!

Solar Removal, Replacement and Maintenance

As previously stated, after Power Factor’s home solar installation professionals mount the solar panels onto your Washington D.C. property’s roof, there will be no additional solar power fees, barring those for routine maintenance, repairs, replacement or removal of your solar panels. Damages extensive enough to require panel removal or replacement rarely happen on residential solar systems but can happen if the Washington, D.C. area suffers from erratic weather patterns or wind storm. Debris, hail, rocks, golf balls, and even snow can cause damage to the panels. Thankfully, our experienced electricians and maintenance specialists at Power Factor Washing DC have all the knowledge, skills and tools needed to masterfully replace, remove or repair the solar panels for your home.

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