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Residential Solar Panel Removal & Replacement in Washington, DC

Sometimes your residential solar panels will require removal or replacement due to the damage that it sustains over time, or maybe you simply want to retrofit your older solar power system with new, more advanced and efficient panels. Perhaps you have construction planned on your Washington, D.C. home and need your solar panels to be professionally removed, stored, and re-installed once your home updates are complete. Whatever reason you need solar panel removal or replacement services, Power Factor of Washington, D.C. can take care of it!

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Residential Solar Panel Removal in Washington, D.C.

Removing solar panels from your Washington, D.C. home is a messy, delicate process that requires professional skills, tools, and execution. Attempting to remove residential solar panels without the proper knowledge could be dangerous and could cause severe, irreparable damage to your solar panels.Let Power Factor’s trained solar panel removal team come and facilitate the solar panel removal from your Washington, D.C. home. Whether your solar panels have been damaged by weather or you just need them removed for a period of time and then re-installed, Power Factor can provide you with the high-quality service you deserve.

A Quality Solar Panel Replacement Company Serving Washington, D.C.

In the event that the solar panels for your home are damaged beyond repair, Power Factor of Washington, D.C. offers residential solar panel replacement services. Sometimes errant weather patterns can cause irrevocable breaks or cracks from hail, branches, or debris, in which case Power Factor will be there for you to replace your damaged panels in a timely, efficient manner. Homeowners should not attempt to do this process on their own! Mishandling solar panels can lead to extensive damage to both the panels and your roof and could be dangerous for you as well. Professional knowledge of solar panel replacement, wiring and cables is necessary to complete this task safely and effectively and minimizing the associated risk factors. Power Factor’s Washington, D.C. professionals guarantee you on-time and on-budget solar panel replacement services.

Power Factor of Washington, D.C. Covers All Removal and Replacements

If you used Power Factor to install your residential solar panels, we offer prolonged maintenance on your system including any removal or replacement services that are deemed necessary by our contractors. Even if you haven’t worked with Power Factor before, our Washington, D.C. professionals are ready and willing to step in and take over and solar panel removal or replacement needs you have.

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Power Factor is a solar and electrical company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau that serves the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss quality solar panels for your home.

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