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Residential Solar Panel Repair & Service in Washington, DC

Allowing Power Factor’s solar service professionals to repair the solar panels for your Washington, D.C. home and perform routine maintenance on them will ensure that your panels are functioning properly on a routine basis, and in many cases will also significantly extend their lifespan. Sticking to a routine maintenance cycle for everyday obstructions like dust, snow or rain, will also decrease the likelihood of your Washington, D.C. panels suffering damage from neglect and will help prevent any significant damage in the future which may require replacement or permanent removal.

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Helping Washington, D.C. Homeowners Maintain Their Residential Panels

Staying up to date on your solar panel’s general maintenance and small repairs will save you money in the long run and prevent small problems, like cracks or dents, from becoming huge problems. The main concern our solar service repairmen have when it comes to your residential solar panels is that they have no light obstructions that will affect their efficiency and ability to generate energy. Cracks, dents or breaks in the panel glass can not only cast shadows themselves, but depending on weather patterns, water condensation may build up on the inside of the panel through the crack or break and this could both cast a shadow and cause significant other damage. Heavy damages to your Washington, D.C. home’s solar panels are usually preventable by making sure they are frequently maintained and small repairs are made as soon as possible.

Solar Panel Repair in Washington, D.C.

Most solar panel repairs our Washington, D.C. clients require are from hail, water, fire or snow damage. These are unpredictable variables to which solar panels are unfortunately susceptible; however if our solar panel repair experts are able to repair them quickly, they shouldn’t cause any future damage or problems to your energy system. Cracks and breaks can typically be fixed with sealant or epoxy, which will last for the life of the panel and shouldn’t require further large repairs. Any repairs involved with the solar panels’ wiring, cables or grid interconnectedness will be slightly more complicated, but can be repaired by Power Factor’s Washington, D.C. solar service electricians.

Power Factor Delivers Quality Service to Washington, D.C.

Our motto at Power Factor of Washington, D.C. is “on-time and on-budget.” Rest easy knowing that if your residential solar panels suffer any damage, our full-time repairmen are equipped and ready to fix the problem in a quick and affordable manner! We are sure to always maintain the highest industry standards, providing you with the professionalism and excellence that you deserve! If you have any questions about the solar panels for your Washington, D.C. home, contact Power Factor today.

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Power Factor is a solar and electrical company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau that serves the Washington D.C. area and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss solar panels for your home.

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