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Solar Panel Systems in Washington, DC

What’s the advantage to having Power Factor experts upfit your Washington, D.C. building with solar panels? Solar energy is widely considered the most efficient, sustainable and inexpensive way to cut your building’s energy costs across the board. Installing our solar panel systems means your building will generate and store energy without producing pollution, a vital consideration in today’s ever-growing environmental consciousness, and will also potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in electrical costs annually. With proper planning, design and installation, solar panels can also help save you money in numerous other ways.

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Better for Washington, D.C.’s Environment

There’s a long list of environmental benefits to using renewable and sustainable energy like solar power. Whether a business is committed to being environmentally responsible or not is becoming increasingly important to many Washington, D.C. clients and business owners nation-wide, meaning that making your business competitive by implementing solar power will only benefit you. Solar energy requires no fuel to produce electricity, and therefore has no carbon emissions. By installing solar energy panels on your Washington, D.C. home or business, you can significantly decrease your greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power is also a renewable resource, meaning that no matter how much of the sun’s energy you use it will never be depleted.

Putting More Money in Our Washington, D.C. Customers Wallets

The cost of fossil-fueled electricity can be staggering depending on the size of your Washington, D.C. building; converting to solar power can significantly reduce the cost of your energy consumption while saving you money in other unexpected ways. The use solar energy, as it is a naturally occurring and renewable resource, is completely free. After our local Washington, D.C. Power Factor professionals complete the solar panel installation process, there will be no charge for the energy you consume, significantly reducing your monthly electricity bills and narrowing down residual electricity costs to the occasional panel maintenance. Net metering and FIT schemes now require power providers to purchase the excess power from grid-connected renewable energy systems. This means that any time your grid produces more energy than you can consume at your Washington, D.C. home or business, you will receive bill credits.

Solar Energy in Washington, D.C.

One outstanding benefit of solar energy is that it is available all over the world. Our Washington, D.C. solar power experts can strategically install solar panels to your building to serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re interested in completely replacing your existing energy source with solar energy or simply installing some panels to supplement your current energy system, Power Factor of Washington, D.C. has you covered.

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