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Solar Panel Design & Installation in Washington, DC

Solar panel installation and design in Washington, D.C. can be a complex undertaking when it comes to working with today’s advanced, modern systems and equipment. Design requirements can be very demanding, and the line between a truly great design and one that is simply functional is very thin. Power Factor of Washington, D.C. will design and install a solar panel system tailored to your specific needs.

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Solar Panel Design in Washington, D.C.

We design systems that routinely out-perform the industry standard, with some of our designs even being used by the military. We have a design process that allows for a multi-cluster trip setting, which has received a patent in the United States. Our Washington, D.C.-based professionals handle much more than just solar panel design and installation; we are solar integrators, working to install these energy efficient panels onto your distinct residential or commercial building in a unique aesthetic design that will optimize energy efficiency. Our solar installation professionals will confidently assess your Washington, D.C. building, create a unique design plan, and execute installation using a seamless process that works around your schedule for minimal disruption.

Why Is Panel Installation Design Important to your Washington, D.C. Property?

Each Washington, D.C. building needs to be individually assessed by Power Factor’s team of professionals to ensure your solar panels are installed in the most strategic design in conjunction with the unique roof of the building. Depending on its construction and location, different spaces on the roof will receive more sunlight than others. The amount of sunlight that hits your roof, as well as the spaces where it hits, both directly impact how efficient your solar panels will be. It’s vital to have our solar power professionals assess and install your panels in the most strategic way possible, ensuring you can reap the optimal benefits from your new solar energy system. Even Washington, D.C. buildings that seemingly don’t receive a lot of sunlight, or only receive sunlight on one side, can benefit from strategic panel placement.

A Superior Design Process in Washington, D.C.

During an initial consultation, our Washington, D.C.-based professionals will determine how much sunlight your roof receives, where that sunlight hits, and subsequently put together a design plan unique to your building and your personal needs. We always make sure to maintain an open dialogue, advising you honestly on your building’s solar score and the amount of power than you can expect to be generated from our proposed solar panel system. The solar panel installation process is something that Power Factor can make sure you truly benefit from, offering Washington, D.C. the highest quality solar panels and guarantee professional, on-time solar installation.

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