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Solar Panel Removal & Replacement in Washington, DC

In addition to installment, Power Factor offers the highest quality solar panel removal and replacement options for your Washington, D.C. building. Whether due to anticipatory home construction, roof replacement, or sustained damage to your current solar panels. If the existing panels on your Washington, D.C. building have been damaged, our solar power experts will be happy to come in and conduct an assessment to let you know if solar panel removal or replacement is an option.

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Solar Panel Removal Washington, D.C.

If your Washington, D.C. building is equipped with solar panels but has impending construction or roof replacement, trust Power Factor’s contractors to come in for a thorough consultation, recommend the best course of action, and remove your solar panels on-time and on-budget. Our solar panel removal technicians are well equipped and trained to deal with panels that have suffered damage from hail, fire, other natural disasters or the odd rogue golf ball. If your solar panels require permanent removal, our contractors will facilitate their relocation, remove any remaining rooftop mounting hardware, and repair damage your Washington, D.C. roof may have endured during installation in order to prevent future leaks or water damage.

Washington, D.C. Solar Panel Replacement Professionals

If the solar panels on your Washington, D.C. roof have suffered damage, but the structure is still safe to undergo panel replacement, our knowledgeable, well-trained solar panel replacement technicians can get the job done! We are likewise available to replace your current solar panels with updated, more energy efficient panels, a common service in Washington, D.C. considering the rate at which solar panel technology is advancing. During the replacement process, our professionals will also check to make sure your panels are placed in optimal spaces on your roof to ensure that they are receiving the most sun exposure and generating the most energy.

A Complete Removal and Replacement Processes in Washington, D.C.

The solar panel replacement or removal process can be messy, but Power Factor of Washington, D.C. makes it easy by creating your custom plan and working around your busy schedule in order to get the job done on-budget and on-time. After an initial assessment, our certified technicians will begin the methodic process of removing your solar panels. This can consist of disconnecting the system from breakers and grid-connection, disconnecting individual panels, separating them from their mounting hardware and transporting them to the ground, removing any leftover hardware, electrical cables or wires from the roof, and repairing any damage to the roof from previous mounting hardware. This process is complex and potentially dangerous, but you can trust our experienced Washington, D.C. electrical technicians to complete the job.

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