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Solar Panel Service & Repair in Washington, DC

Sometimes solar panels will sustain damage that can be repaired, instead of having to worry about panel replacement or removal. Power Factor’s Washington, D.C. electrical contractors will be able to quickly assess the space and let you know whether they will be able to repair your panels or not.

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Solar Panel Repair Washington, D.C.

Common solar panel repairs done in Washington, D.C. are broken glass, cracks, or a bad connection due to faulty, loose, or damaged wiring. Regardless of the solar panel repairs that your building needs, Power Factor’s Washington, D.C.-based professionals have the expertise, solar service experience, and materials to successfully repair your solar panels. Even small repairs require professional, certified technical electricians; if your Washington, D.C. solar panels are improperly repaired, they could suffer further damage and ultimately be rendered ineffective and need replacement.

Repairing Cracks and Breaks Around Washington, D.C.

Cracks and breaks can occur in solar panels due to a wide variety of different incidents, from natural disasters like hail to the occasional stray baseball. Our Washington, D.C. professional Solar panel repairs on cracked or broken panels are usually simple; our solar service technicians can often use stained glass tape or an epoxy to secure smaller cracks, with extra precautions put in place to ensure that moisture won’t build up on the inside of the glass, create fog and render that part of the panel useless as light will not be able to efficiently enter through the glass. If these solar panels are improperly or inadequately repaired, your Washington, D.C. home could suffer a huge loss in energy efficiency and, if they go a long time without repair, could need replacement or permanent removal.

Washington, D.C. Professionals Repairing Loose Connections

The process of repairing a loose or faulty connection is slightly more complicated than cracks and breaks, but our trained Washington, D.C. electricians have the experience and knowledge needed to successfully get your solar panels working again. You may notice that your connection is cutting in and out during the day—this is typically due to a loose solder connection which causes the connection to cut in and out depending on whether the panels are in the sun or not. If this is the case with your solar panels, our solar service agents can cut past the silicone cell to access the part of the panel that needs to be repaired. This process requires professional electrical knowledge and tools, and should be left in the capable hands of Power Factor’s Washington, D.C.-based solar panel repair team.

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