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Utility-Scale Solar Panel Removal & Replacement in Washington, DC

Solar energy systems require very little maintenance, but damaged panels atop your Washington, D.C. property’s solar array can require replacement and even removal if the destruction is significant enough. Removing or replacing the panels in your utility scale solar power plant can be a massive undertaking, especially for those untrained in the field and ill equipped to handle the large size and volume of utility scale panels. Power Factor, a leading solar panel removal company in Washington, D.C., can handle any maintenance your utility scale solar panels may require.

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World-Class Solar Panel Removal Services in Washington, D.C.

Your solar energy panels may need to be removed if they have sustained significant damage, or you may voluntarily want them removed due to impending roof work or the desire for newer, more efficient models. Power Factor’s Washington, D.C. contractors are well-trained in solar panel removal and guarantee safe, professional removal services regardless of the reason you want those services performed. The removal process of a Washington, D.C. property’s utility scale solar panels differs slightly from that which is involved with the removal of residential and commercial panels mostly because the larger utility panels will not need to be lowered to the ground from a roof, however, this doesn’t necessarily make the process easier. Utility panels are larger and heavier and will still need to be removed from the grid without damaging or disturbing any neighboring panels.

Solar Panel Replacement in Washington, D.C.

Utility scale solar panel replacement can be necessary for several reasons: natural degradation, irreparable damages from weather, or even the desire to update your current panels with newer, more energy efficient models. Our quality tested solar panels are ever-evolving to bring you the latest in solar energy technology; integrating new panels into your power plant has the potential to increase your energy yield. Common damages sustained by utility scale solar panels are breaks, cracks or water damage, and are often a byproduct of the Washington D.C. area’s occasionally unpredictable weather patterns, all of which can be replaced in an efficient and responsible manner by Power Factor’s professionals.

Why Choose Power Factor?

Power Factor is a Washington, D.C. solar panel removal company that sets the standard for quality solar panel replacement and removal service. Our assessments are always thorough, and we always prioritize consulting the client when making large decisions about whether panels need to be removed or replaced, giving you our honest, professional opinion, and taking you with us every step of the way in the decision-making process.

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Power Factor is an electrical company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau that serves the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your utility scale solar power plant.

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