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Utility-Scale Solar Energy System Service & Solar Repair in Washington, DC

Power Factor of Washington, D.C. understands that utility scale solar installments are particularly susceptible to weather and wind damage, and so our solar service repair specialists are always available to consult on and repair your solar panels whether the damages be large or small. Repairs are commonly performed on solar panels that have been chipped, cracked or broken by the odd rock or debris, and can be made rather quickly and painlessly by our well-trained professionals.

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Solar Panel Maintenance in Washington, D.C.

Our skilled contractors and maintenance specialists are available for scheduled corrective maintenance on your solar energy system, a service which will ensure that your Washington D.C. property’s utility scale solar array is functioning consistently as well as efficiently. Minor solar repairs also help prevent long-term damage to your solar energy system and ensure that your solar panel system is functioning optimally. Power Factor’s electricians and maintenance specialists will schedule maintenance cycles in order to address any minor damages as well as perform any necessary modifications, ensuring your Washington, D.C. property’s utility scale solar energy system is well-monitored as well as efficiently running and leaving you with peace of mind that your investment is being well looked after.

On-Budget Solar Repairs

If your power array happens to require the attention of our solar service specialists in order to perform unanticipated repairs, Power Factor has you covered! Our technicians are trained in solar repairs and are well equipped to mend any solar energy panels that have sustained damage from rocks, debris, wind, water, snow, hail or fire. The majority of repairs that our Washington, D.C. area clients find themselves needing are for cracks and breaks in the solar panel glass, a relatively easy and quick fix for our skilled team of repairmen. The sealant can often be used to repair small damages like these as well, though if improperly sealed, cracks can cause condensation to build on the inside on the glass and cause further complications with a Washington D.C. property owner’s solar energy system.

Consistency, Quality, Longevity

Power Factor of Washington, D.C. guarantees our clients solar service repairs that are consistently thorough, on-time and on-budget. If your Washington, D.C. property’s utility scale solar energy system has incurred damage from wind, water, or any other unforeseeable crises, you can trust Power Factor’s professionally trained repairmen to provide you with top notch solar repair services, whether that involves addressing the panels themselves or any interconnected grid wiring.

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Power Factor is an electrical company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau that serves the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your utility scale solar power plant.

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